Khandevaneh 95 Part 27

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Khandevaneh 95 Part 27 is the combination of two Persian words; “Khande” meaning “laugh” and the last part of the word “watermelon” which is “Hendevane” (-vane). The reason why the name is chosen like this is that Iranians have a reputation for getting together, specially in summer, and having fun while having watermelon.

Khandevaneh 3 has different parts like: Stand-up comedy, Live music, Talk show.

The host of the program is Rambod Javan and Nima Shaeban Nejad and a doll (Jenab Khan) participating in it as actors.

“Jenab” in (Jenab Khan) means “Mr.” and “Khan” refers to a big and important man in a tribe or village or even town.

This Telecast is very popular in Iran.


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